Emegency Push Notifications is the Next Generation of Emergency and Community Notifications

Citizens live on their mobile devices! If you are not reaching those devices, you are not getting your message to the majority of your citizens. Use Heads Up!!
The biggest challenge with today's emergency and community notification systems is the inability to capture a large portion of those devices.

After 15 years of experience in the Mass Notification Industry, we have solved the opt-in problem with with our ability to captue thousands of mobile devices in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions?

the citizen can opt-in anonymously by downloading the mobile Heads Up Community Mobile Application. No personal data such as phone number or address is required to receive the emergency push notifications.
Keeping the citizen engaged is the key. Heads Up Community allows the citizen to select their areas of interest to be informed i.e. transportation, local events, fire, etc. Providing this information on a regular basis keeps them interested and more likely to keep the app on their device.
Heads up Community can enhance your emergency notification plan by dramatically increasing a larger percentage of your citizen's mobile devices
No. Anyone that downloads the Heads Up Community mobile app can receive push notifications by choosing what geographical area they wish to follow and their areas of interest such as: upcoming festivals, kid’s events, school closings, library events and other categories. Choose YOUR favorite categories, and only receive notifications about your areas of interest. It eliminates viewing irrelevant content,
The applciation is FREE, it is totally anonymous overcoming the biggest challenge with other emergency notification signups and keeps the citizen engaged by providing frequent information about their areas of interest in the community.

Download our Heads Up in the Apple App Store and on Google Play!

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A great way to stay informed about things impacting my community. You don't have to sift through lots of meaningless posts to find the important items. It also allows me to select the types of information I want to see. Right now it serves several Counties in West Virginia and Kentucky, but think it has real potential for wider area, maybe even national, use. It's free, download it and try it. If you don't like it, delete it. The Heads Up app is so easy to use and useful, I bet you'll keep it on your phone or tablet.

Gregg Hendry - Facebook Reviews

Amazing product! So easy to use. You need this app!

Josh Jackson - Facebook Reviews

This new version has great features and content. Maps, Pictures, Docs and more. And I can customize the information I receive without providing my email or phone number. Slick!

Rod Pell - Apple Reviews

Excellent! Beautiful and fast graphics. Works on cellular and WiFi data!

Missy Johnson - Android Reviews

I find this app to be a very useful way for my community leaders to keep residents in the know about weather, road conditions, school issues, and other topics.

DChandler - Android Reviews

Gregg Hendry
Josh Jackson
Rod Pell
Missy Johnson