Are you tired of maintaining data for your emergency and community notification system?
We have found a way to collect thousands of mobile devices from your community. Our customers have experienced as much as a 500% increase in acquiring mobile devices.

Forget about trying to persuade your citizens to opt-in to a website and give their personal information. It just does not work. We have created a better mousetrap. The only way to persuade citizens is to supply them with content of information that they care about. Click here to see how Heads Up Community works first hand


"As defined by the Heads Up Community Folks: The areas of interests that a citizen can choose to be informed"


Simply put, thousands of mobile devices grouped into geographic areas allow users to receive important updates about STUFF that matters most to them.
THIS STUFF IS FREE FREE FREE FREE!! That's right, It is free to download, free to customize, and free to use! Only the organizations that wish to disseminate information to their SAVY users like YOU, pay the bills! Right on, right?
Have some faith! Heads up Community does not compete with today’s mass emergency notification systems. We aim to enhance those systems by providing a means of collecting mobile devices. We aim to become your new best friend!
Nah. We are our own brand of awesomeness, specifically made for YOU. Anyone with a smartphone, that downloads our STUFF to their phone can choose what geographical area they wish to follow and their areas of interest such as: upcoming festivals, kid’s events, school closings, library events, boil alerts and a lot more stuff that's cool to be aware of! Choose YOUR favorite categories, and you'll only get notifications about the STUFF you LOVE the most. This prevents the arrival of irrelevant content, and no one likes irrelevant nonsense, right? Relevant, like, Heads Up Community!
Not to break the record, but THIS STUFF IS FREE for YOU, and it will keep you engaged by providing meaningful STUFF to you 24/7, right from your smart phone!

Download our STUFF in the Apple App Store and on Google Play!


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A great way to stay informed about things impacting my community. You don't have to sift through lots of meaningless posts to find the important items. It also allows me to select the types of information I want to see. Right now it serves several Counties in West Virginia and Kentucky, but think it has real potential for wider area, maybe even national, use. It's free, download it and try it. If you don't like it, delete it. The Heads Up app is so easy to use and useful, I bet you'll keep it on your phone or tablet.

Gregg Hendry - Facebook Reviews

Amazing product! So easy to use. You need this app!

Josh Jackson - Facebook Reviews

This new version has great features and content. Maps, Pictures, Docs and more. And I can customize the information I receive without providing my email or phone number. Slick!

Rod Pell - Apple Reviews

Excellent! Beautiful and fast graphics. Works on cellular and WiFi data!

Missy Johnson - Android Reviews

I find this app to be a very useful way for my community leaders to keep residents in the know about weather, road conditions, school issues, and other topics.

DChandler - Android Reviews

Gregg Hendry
Josh Jackson
Rod Pell
Missy Johnson