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A Q&A with Heads Up! Community

A short, sweet and to the point Q & A with Butch Evans from Heads Up! Community.

1.  Q.  What is Heads Up! Community?

A.  Thousands of mobile devices grouped into geographic areas that users receive meaningful content.

2.  Q.  How does push work?

A.  An automated message sent by an application to a user when the application is not open.

3. Q.  What does a community app do?

A.  The app is geared specifically towards events and other activities that are currently going on in the community.

4. Q.  What is a community?

A.   A unified body of individuals such as the people with a common interest living a particular area.

5. Q.  What is the status of social media?

A.  On average people across the globe spend 2 hours and 16 minutes per day on social media and use an average of 8.9 platforms.

6. Q.  Is this like Facebook or other social sites?

A.  No. A user can choose what geographical area they wish to follow and their areas of interest such as: upcoming festivals, kid’s events, school closings, library events, & boil alerts.             Only assigned delegates for those categories, can publish information. This prevents the arrival of irrelevant content.

7. Q.  What is noise on social media?

A.   Noise is information which is not useful; which does not have any value to you right now.

8. Q. What is the best times to receive social media deployments?

A.  * Early AM (1 am-8 am) 18%
* Working Hrs (9 am-4 pm) 52%
* After Hrs (5 pm-12 pm) 30%

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