Inform Your Community With Effective Mass Notifications

This groundbreaking solution eliminates the need for residents to provide personal data when opting in.  No need to enter phone numbers, names, and other private data.  A service that allows community officials to notify residents and businesses by push notification messages regarding community events and emergencies.


Mobile Emergency Notifications

Send Real-Time, Rapid Updates

Keep Users' Data Anonymous

Your Lifeline During Emergencies

Mobile Emergency Notifications from the Heads Up App can keep your people and community updated.

Keep Your Community Informed of Community Events & Emergencies.

Traditional notification systems often rely on collecting cell phone numbers, but statistics show that only a small percentage of Americans are willing to share their cell phone numbers. This limitation can lead to a critical gap in communication with your community.  

With Heads Up! Community,  there’s no need for cell numbers or personal information. Your citizens can download our app anonymously to receive real-time notifications.

Closing the Mobile Notifications Gap with Heads Up! Community

Today, people are heavily reliant on their mobile phones. It is only logical that the most effective means of ensuring immediate delivery of important messages is through mobile devices. However, a significant challenge faced by municipalities seeking to communicate with their communities is the unavailability of published cell numbers.

Numerous municipality websites exist, offering individuals the opportunity to log in and provide their contact details, including their cell numbers. Despite this option, most citizens are unwilling to share their numbers for various reasons. With Heads Up! Community, there’s no need for cell numbers or personal information. Your residents can simply download our app anonymously. This means that more citizens in your community will stay informed.

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A Mobile Notification System Suitable For...

State-Run & Local Agencies

City or Town Government, Districts and Councils

Local Municipalities


Universities & Colleges

EMS & 9-1-1 Centers

Why Heads Up! Community App Is Changing The Game For Mobile Notification Systems…

Easy to Use

Our system is simple for anyone to use.

Reach 100,000 People or More

Whether your community is big or small, our system is easy to scale so you can reach your entire network across multiple locations.

Works When You Need It Most

Why use outdated technology or manual processes? Our reliable, robust system ensures your people aren't left in the dark during emergencies.

Increase Your Reach During Emergencies

Our app works on both cellular and wi-fi networks, so you can reach more people in rural areas than traditional emergency alert systems.


Heads Up! Community is an affordable mobile app that's based on the size of your population. Plus, subscibe by the end of 2023 and receive 3 months free. This means you can affordably integrate Heads Up! Community into your organization.

Subscribe by the end of 2023 and receive 3 month free!

Heads Up! Community Success Story

Putnam County EMS Badge

Putnam County, WV Emergency Services

6 years manual opt-in method = 242 signups
Less than 1 year Heads Up Community mobile application = 4,957 signups

“A great way to stay informed about things impacting my community. You don’t have to sift through lots of meaningless posts to find the important items. It also allows me to select the types of information I want to see. Right now, it serves several Counties in West Virginia and Kentucky, but think it has real potential for wider area, maybe even national, use. It’s free, download it and try it. If you don’t like it, delete it. The Heads-Up app is so easy to use and useful, I bet you’ll keep it on your phone or tablet”.

Gregg H.

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An Intuitive Mobile App That's Easy To Use Under Extreme Pressure

In the extremely unlikely event you do have a tech issue, we have 24/7 support on hand, ready to help. You’ll never be left in a situations without knowing exactly how to proceed.


How Our Mobile Community Notification App Compares

Feature / Aspect
Heads Up! App
User Engagement
Customized Notifications
Complements Existing Systems
User Privacy
Ease of Use
Speed of Alert Delivery
Compatibility with Rural Areas
No Personal Data Collection
Competitive Pricing
User Base Size

Please note that the above comparison is a general overview and that the specific features and performance of competitors can vary widely. It’s essential to conduct a thorough evaluation based on your specific needs and preferences when choosing an app for your community or organization.

Keep Your Citizens Up To Date With Important News In Their Community

Unlike most emergency alert systems, Heads Up! Community can be used for both emergency and routine notifications. This means users will engage on a regular basis, instead of forgetting about the app and deleting it from their phone.

Every member of your community can select to receive what non-emergency notifications they wish to receive, including news about upcoming festivals, kids events, school closings and more. Emergency alerts will remain on at all times, so nobody is left vulnerable in a crisis.

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How to Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Book A Free Demo

Fill out the short form below and we'll be in touch to schedule a free, no-obligation demo of our notification system, including no fuss set up for your municipality.

Step 2

Quick 15 Minute Call

Join us on a call to see how it works, without spending a cent. If you love what you see and want to sign up, we'll give you 3 months free off your 1st year subscription.

Step 3

Keep Your People Safe

With your new system in place, you can automatically communicate in real time about community events and any emergenics that might exist.

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Hear What Heads Up! Community Users Say...

Joe Stevens

Executive Director - The City of Nitro's Convention & Visitors Bureau


Frank Chapman

Emergency Management Director - Putnam County


Frequently Asked Questions

No problem. We only require a data connection of some sort. It can be a hot spot, home or work
wireless, or even your local coffee shop. Not everyone has cell service available everywhere, but most of
the time, they have some type of data connection via wireless. That is good enough for our system to
deliver the alerts immediately!

The push notification system is nearly instant. We can deliver faster than voice, email, and text messaging.
We process thousands of alerts every second, and no worries about busy phone lines to wait on.

The main reason is that we do not ask for any personal information or force a citizen to create any
more credentials than they already have. Those attributes alone increase your download rates

You can decide how much or how little information you want to receive. The app allows you to select
the categories you want to receive information about. For instance, if you want traffic alerts, just turn
on the transportation category. If you are not interested in alerts about schools, then turn off the
school’s category. It is that simple. Information at the touch of your fingers and exactly the way you
want it.

Not necessarily, Heads Up Community does not need to replace your current system, it instead will
enhance it by providing emergency notifications and community-based notifications to a much larger
percentage of citizens on their mobile devices!

  • Anonymity: Citizens can opt-in anonymously without providing any personal data, such as their phone number or address, to receive emergency push notifications. No credentials to remember either!
  • Engagement: The app allows citizens to select their areas of interest to receive regular updates, such as transportation, local events, fire, etc., which keeps them engaged and more likely to keep the app on their devices.
  • Enhancement: The app can enhance your community’s emergency notification plan by increasing the percentage of citizens who receive emergency alerts on their mobile devices.

To retain citizens who have downloaded our mobile emergency notification app, it’s important to keep them engaged by providing frequent updates on their areas of interest. Heads Up! Community allows citizens to select the categories they want to follow, such as upcoming festivals, kid’s events, school closings, library events, etc. By providing relevant information regularly, citizens are more likely to keep the app on their devices.

A Mobile Community Notification System You Can Trust


Extremely helpful with local information and notifications.

David D.

I love heads up, Woodford Co. You guys are always on top of all the important information, I can always count on my text from y’all, weather it be traffic, school, or weather. We all know y’all make sure we’re updated quickly on the information of any situation. Thank you for all you do for us, Woodford Countians!!♥️

Melissa P.

Excellent! Beautiful and fast graphics. Works on cellular and WiFi data!

Missy J.

This new version has great features and content. Maps, Pictures, Docs and more. And I can customize the information I receive without providing my email or phone number. Slick!

Rod P.

I find this app to be a very useful way for my community leaders to keep residents in the know about weather, road conditions, school issues, and other topics.


Amazing product! So easy to use. You need this app!

Josh J.

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A New Methodology To Acquire Citizen Mobile Devices

With Heads Up! Community, there’s no need for cell numbers or personal information. Your citizens can dowload our app anonymously to receive real- time notifications.

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“Very useful way for my community leaders to keep residents in the know.”

Heads Up Community Client - Ballard County KY
Heads Up Community - Emergency Notifications App for EMS/911 - Client - Jackson County EMS
Heads Up Community - Emergency Notifications App for EMS/911 - Client - Putnam County EMS
Download Our Free E-book
A new Methodology To Acquire Citizen Mobile Devices

In today's mobile-centric society, rapid communication through mobile devices is crucial for delivering critical messages. However, acquiring published cell numbers remains a significant challenge for emergency agencies.

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