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Eliminate Your Citizen Opt-In Problem.

Capture thousands of mobile devices grouped by municipality.

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How could


Use Heads Up Community?

EMS managers can push out WEA alerts to their community – IMMEDIATELY.

Heads Up Community is a notification service that allows emergency and community officials to notify residents and businesses by telephone, cell phone, text message, email, and social media regarding emergency and community events. Allowing residents to anonymously download the application to any of their mobile devices overcomes the opt-in problem of other notification systems. Heads Up Community captures thousands of more mobile devices. What is Heads Up Community and why is it important to me? The Heads Up Community emergency notification service notifies residents and businesses by telephone or cellular phone about emergency situations. It can also, serve as a community notification platform that broadcasts community events. The events are selected categories requested by the resident once the mobile application is downloaded. Categories are areas of interest such as Youth Sports, Seniors events, Park Information, Just for Kids, and many more.  The system can send messages to only specific neighborhoods or the entire community. Does this mean that I will be called constantly? No. Heads Up Community will be used when emergency situations arise or one of your chosen event categories is published.

"Although we currently have an emergency communication system that works well notifying residents, we still have the problem reaching resident's mobile devices"

Learn How Heads Up Community Can Help 911 And EMS Services

It has been reported that citizen sign-up rates (opt-in) are around


So why do citizens participate in the Heads Up Community Program?

Residents can download the mobile application anonymously

After downloading, the residents can select what geographical areas and community categories they wish to follow.

Assigned community delegates send out pertinent information to keep residents informed about their selected categories of interest.

Our customer service department assists in gathering and retaining the mobile devices. They will guide you step by step on how to attract your citizens to download the App!

Solve your opt-in problem today!

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