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What is the


of Heads Up Community?

The citizen can opt-in anonymously by downloading the mobile Heads Up Community Mobile Application. No personal data such as phone number or address is required to receive the emergency push notifications.


How does our agency


those that have downloaded our app?

Keeping the citizen engaged is the key. Heads Up Community allows the citizen to select their areas of interest to be informed i.e. transportation, local events, fire, etc. Providing this information on a regular basis keeps them interested and more likely to keep the app on their device.


Does this


my community’s current emergency notification system?

Heads up Community can enhance your emergency notification plan by dramatically increasing a larger percentage of your citizen’s mobile devices


Is this the same as


and other social media platforms?

No. Anyone that downloads the Heads Up Community mobile app can receive push notifications by choosing what geographical area they wish to follow and their areas of interest such as: upcoming festivals, kid’s events, school closings, library events, and other categories. Choose YOUR favorite categories, and only receive notifications about your areas of interest. It eliminates viewing irrelevant content,


Why do your citizens


this emegency notification application?

The application is FREE, it is totally anonymous overcoming the biggest challenge with other emergency notification signups and keeps the citizen engaged by providing frequent information about their areas of interest in the community.

It has been reported that citizen sign-up rates (opt-in) are around


So why do citizens participate in the Heads Up Community Program?

Residents can download the mobile application anonymously

After downloading, the residents can select what geographical areas and community categories they wish to follow.

Assigned community delegates send out pertinent information to keep residents informed about their selected categories of interest.

Our customer service department assists in gathering and retaining the mobile devices. They will guide you step by step on how to attract your citizens to download the App!

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