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A great way to stay informed about things impacting my community. You don't have to sift through lots of meaningless posts to find the important items. It also allows me to select the types of information I want to see. Right now it serves several Counties in West Virginia and Kentucky, but think it has real potential for wider area, maybe even national, use. It's free, download it and try it. If you don't like it, delete it. The Heads Up app is so easy to use and useful, I bet you'll keep it on your phone or tablet.

Amazing product! So easy to use. You need this app!

This new version has great features and content. Maps, Pictures, Docs and more. And I can customize the information I receive without providing my email or phone number. Slick!

I find this app to be a very useful way for my community leaders to keep residents in the know about weather, road conditions, school issues, and other topics.

Excellent! Beautiful and fast graphics. Works on cellular and WiFi data!

I love heads up Woodford co. You guys are always on top of all the important information, I can always count on my text from yall weather it be traffic, school or weather we all know y'all make sure we're updated quickly on the information of any situation. Thank you for all you do for us Woodford countians!!♥️

Extremely helpful with local information and notifications.

It has been reported that citizen sign-up rates (opt-in) are around


So why do citizens participate in the Heads Up Community Program?

Residents can download the mobile application anonymously

After downloading, the residents can select what geographical areas and community categories they wish to follow.

Assigned community delegates send out pertinent information to keep residents informed about their selected categories of interest.

Our customer service department assists in gathering and retaining the mobile devices. They will guide you step by step on how to attract your citizens to download the App!

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